o here I am.  After a 20 year career with NPR, I turned from the world of sound to the world of vision. And soaring higher than ever.


I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings – from a 14th century Palace in Spain to the basement of a rural Ohio church. I’ve shot an intimate wedding on a beach in Cabo & a 600 guest wedding in Chicago. I traveled over 16 time zones to capture an eclectic Indian wedding in Melbourne, Australia & I braved a few exits on the Beltway to shoot a Sudanese Muslim wedding in DC.

I’ve captured same-sex weddings, a backyard party that turned into a wedding (yeah – that happened), & hundreds of joyous weddings in churches, synagogues, hotels & outdoor settings. I even captured Steph & Mau’s wedding at the foot of an active volcano in Costa Rica that erupted mid-ceremony! I’ve been asked to travel the world to capture the most wonderful & lasting images for people.

Wedding photography is 50% photography & 50% personality. My clients tell me they feel like I am a close friend, allowing them to be completely comfortable & stress-free. And that brings out their true personality, which in turn makes for the best photos.

Their feedback has given me the humble honor of having won a bunch of awards, including WeddingWire’s highest honor 7 years running. Other photographers have recognized my work too, by giving me consecutive Editor’s Choice awards at the image publishing site Two Bright Lights.





an investment in forever...

I like to think that I'm not like other photographers. I keep this part of the process simple. I'm a photographer, not a financial analyst. So I make this part easy.

Here’s what you get for your investment:

- I will cover your wedding. I will bring a second shooter if you desire.
- Unique and exclusive timelapse video of your entire wedding day.
- All digital files, print-ready online, delivered within 8 weeks after the wedding.
- Online gallery site with print ordering for friends and family.
- Options for engagement session, print albums, special print products.

Pricing starts at 3000 for full coverage.

o, this is something you probably are looking at first thing, right?




"There may not be enough room on the entire internet to list all of the great things about andrew...He's charming, exuberant, full of energy, and a blast to be around...Hire him for your wedding. Do it. You will not ever regret it."

rachel & corey

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"I cannot say enough about how much I LOVED Andrew.  Even our wedding guests can't stop talking about how great he was. I couldn't be happier... He was so fun to have around all day."

colleen & wes

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"I cannot recommend andrew highly enough. You would be giving yourselves the best wedding present possible by bringing him onboard."

-helen & cj

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"5 things" - a free ebook

so often run into brides and couples planning weddings, for whom this is one of the major milestones of their lives. 

And in the planning, there is a sense of fullness, a sense of gratification that each segment of the day will be fulfilling and amazing.

Yet on the actual day, there is a sense of the surreal - a sense of other worldiness - that it's not really happening. And that sense of the fantastical can transport you OUT of the day, remove their connectedness.

So I took it upon myself to construct a booklet - more like a photo booklet - that contains 5 easy reminders to help keep you IN and CONNECTED to this day that you've dreamt of your entire life.

It's called "How to be Amazing on Your Wedding Day - 5 Things to Make Your Wedding Photography a Breeze and Love Your Photos!"

I'm offering it to you free - in a PDF download as well as a narrated short video.

Enjoy! And please feel free to share it with anyone you know close to their wedding day.


download pdf

watch narrated video


your day
in motion...

While I scrolled to the image I wanted to show her, I was presented with a display that looked like a flipbook. As if struck by lightning, I thought - TIMELAPSE. 

Since I shoot so many images each wedding day, I experimented with a way to use every single image I shoot during the day. And the AMP timelapse was born.

It's a complimentary gift to you. And it's a way to see your entire day in a new way.

Watch some of the samples to see. It might be the thing you need to say Yes to AMP.

 few years ago, as I was showing a bride a few images on the back of my camera, I discovered something stunning.



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